We are a website development agency

In a work team there must be a balance between personalities, aptitudes, interests and ways of working. Our team is composed of men and women of different ages and tastes, working together with a common goal; to solve the needs of each project in a creative, functional and interactive way.

Our approach is clear; provide creative solutions that generate results.

We focus on creative solutions that deliver results.


In our 15 years in web and software development we have had the privilege of working with various industries and businesses which has given us all kinds of experiences. We know the right and wrong ways, the keys to success and how to apply them to any related project.

Business Vision

In addition to our years of experience in the field, we have more than 30 years of experience as entrepreneurs, which allows us to give such an approach to our clients' projects.

Professional advice

We accompany you from the analysis, planning and development of your web project so that it is always at the forefront.

"Success has been achieved when our customer is satisfied and the scope of their sales is increasing."

Our highest priority is the complete satisfaction of our customers and for this reason our prices are fair to both parties, fulfilling the commitments established with our customers, quality, delivery time, support, etc..

Istratega works hand in hand with an external creative studio. This is how we manage to match our left hemisphere, logical and mathematical, with your right hemisphere, in charge of creativity, aesthetics and functionality that mixes design with art. Together we are one big brain.

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