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We are a web design agency

and we know the right paths, the keys to success that need to be applied depending on the needs of your project. Our 15 years in web design and software programming make us specialists; many clients = many experiences.

We plan, design and develop websites that deliver results.

istratega website design offers you:



Through a professional and effective website that will establish trust. Before purchasing or contracting, most people will search for your product/service on the web to verify the credibility of your brand.


Sales increase

By being visible to all customers around the world. The more visitors, the more chances of sales.


Return on Investment

Thanks to our optimized web development. A team of experts in code, interface, SEO optimization, copywriting and graphic design inevitably translates into huge benefits and cost schemes.

Let's get the search engines on the Internet have you in their sights!

Thanks to the correct use of code programming, SEO, graphic design, experience and interface design, strategy development and digital marketing.

Responsive Web Design

Some examples of successful websites

A well designed, developed and optimized website is composed of different pillars that strengthen it, allowing our clients to achieve their broadcasting goals.

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